Boy in a bear suit is a little doodling challenge I set up for myself to strengthen my repertior of non-leporidea characters. The criteria - ‘keep it simple’, 'just characters', ‘post daily’ and of course ‘no bunnies’ .


Emily Grandin is a writer and illustrator living in Sweden. She works as a freelancer in the fields of design and illustration. She has worked as the colourist for a comic called ‘Lars & Maxim’ in the Swedish magazine ‘Herman Hedning’. She wants to expand into the world of children’s literature. Her mediums of choice are pen and ink, colour pencils and digital.

In 2011 Emily won the Illustrators of the Future Award.

"I am an illustrator, with a finger on the trigger of my camera and an eye for the flock animals we all are. I am obsessed with creating, building and buildings, as well as most of that other art-like stuff."

Private and commercial inquires are welcome... 
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